General Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can I cancel my subscription?

Once you have subscribed to a particular plan, it cannot be terminated. Moreover, if in case you want to upgrade, you can easily upgrade your account in the sequential account type listed as a trial, starter, standard, professional and business.

02. How do I activate a free trial account?

You can activate a free trial account with us. Click the sign up option and enter some basic details for creating your account. Once the account is created, enter the required credentials and start a new experience.

03. How to choose the right subscription plan?

Choose your subscription for a particular plan in accordance to your requirements. Think exam offers a trial, starter, standard, professional and business account categories to its users. However, the user can log on to our website or can get in touch with our sales representative to have detailed information about any of the account types.

04. How to pay?

Under the supervision of the administrator, the student must have a credit level to be able to reserve a tutor, buy lessons or carry out any type of transaction. These credits can be purchased from packages created by Admin via one of the payment gateways: OMNI 105 (Haiti only), PayPal, MON CASH (Haiti only), OMNI Coupon, Credit card.